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My first NFT "circle of time"

Launch will be on Oktober 9th 2021, 6pm on

Florian Herzog`s first NFT “circle of time” is an object sculpture brought to life using the stop animation technique. It shows a candle that can be switched on and off with a toggle switch. An ironic idea that aims at the transience of being. A trivial hand that operates the toggle switch as a synonym for the force that ultimately decides when the candle burns or not anymore. The burning down of the candle as “ticking time” that remains for us as an artistic representation in black and white aesthetics.

Inspired by his surrounding and visual capability to connect ideas and objects, Florian Herzog creates images which look very simple at the first sight, but the more you look at them, the more you discover details and the passion Florian has put into a single click to capture his vision .

The beauty of Florian Herzog’s works is the simplicity that fills your emotional spaces.


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